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August 20th, 2010 6:49 pm


Time to throw in a post before everything starts, with the obligatory environment-I’ll-be -sitting-while-coding photo.  Note the drink at the ready to the left of the lappy and the notebooks to the right.  All I’m missing now is snacks, which shall be amended with a trip to the 100 yen store around the corner in a moment.

As for tools:

  • I plan to use Javascript and canvas for code, so the result will be playable online.
  • Most code writing will go down in Notepad++.
  • GraphicsGale for graphics, possibly with a bit of dash Gimp.
  • DrPetter for anything sound, if I get around to it.  Err, sfxr and musagi that is.
  • If appropriate, though I have no ideas for it, I might go grab some audio from the festival going on this weekend at the nearby park.

Finally, I might take advantage of the fact I’m working on a tiny laptop and take it out and about to code for a bit.  Change of scenery and all that.

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