Chronolapse has failed me :(

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August 20th, 2010 3:35 pm

I have my monitors configured so that my second monitor is to the upper left of my primary monitor. But when it takes screenshots in dual monitor mode, it acts as if the second monitor is on the right, so I just get a screenshot of my screen plus an extra 1600×1200 black area to the right.

Is there any solution or do I need to move my monitor to the right side?

Wish I would’ve tried this a week ago.

Or alternatively, is there a better timelapse capture program that can handle this situation?

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  1. xhunterko says:

    I haven’t tried it yet myself. But start an instance of chronolapse on each monitor? Dunno if that would really work as it sounds.

    • Ricket says:

      Well it sounds like a great idea and I truly wouldn’t mind doing that and then merging them later… but is it possible? Can you specify which monitor it takes screenshots of?

  2. Ricket says:

    Well, I gave up and decided to write my own. So I now have my own automatic screenshotter that I just wrote in C#. It takes separate screenshots of the first and second screens and timestamps them and saves them to a designated folder. It’s not too shabby for about an hour of work! :)

  3. dcth says:

    Did you try with CamStudio?
    It’s a plain screen recorder, with a good own-lossless codec and flv exporter.
    The only ‘issue’ is that it doesn’t resize the screen, so your videos sizes bigger:
    -90Mb for 6hours, taking 1 frame each 30secs.

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