Belated statement of intent

August 20th, 2010 10:41 pm

I’m a bit late with the intent declaration, but meh, I’m late with the start, too.

I have to run a zillion errands tomorrow, so at least some of the work will be done on this:

My only friend.

As for the theme, I was hoping for double rainbow zombies, but I do have some ideas for using enemies as weapons. I’m planning to work until 4:30 (GMT-8), we’ll see how that goes…


5 Responses to “Belated statement of intent”

  1. hdon says:

    Not gonna tell us what that machine is called?

  2. Geti says:

    Yeah, that thing is awesome.

  3. juhkystar says:

    Do want.

  4. It’s called an OpenPandora; have a look at for details.

    Obligatory stats:
    CPU: 600 MHz ARM 9 w/ FPU
    GFX: PowerVR SGX w/ OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2.0 support
    Display: 800×480 TFT w/ resistive touch
    OS: Linux (variant of Angstrom)
    Enjoyment factor: somewhere between skydiving and getting to go on a date with Bebel Gilberto (adjust gender and celebrity to taste as needed)

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