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All your base…

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August 20th, 2010 12:44 pm

All my base, actually… My basecode is here

Didn’t get around to learning enough Unity to make use of that this time, so I’m going with the usual C++ with a bit of D3D and a sprinkling of FMOD. It’s pretty much the same base as I’ve used for the last couple of compos, just a couple of bugfixes and a bit of minor tidying up.

– D3D setup, Windowed/Fullscreen switching
– Texture loading
– Text rendering
– Maths (Vector, Matrix, Camera classes)
– Basic input
– Bloom effect*
– very very basic wrapper around FMOD for audio

Still not got around to writing a model loader for it, though :(

(*Yeah, OK, this one does seam mildly cheaty – but there’s open source rendering engines out there, and things like Unity, that give you a whole lot more!)

Not sure if I’m compo-ing or just jamming – guess it depends on the theme and early progress…

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  1. Covenant says:

    About a model loader, I’ve done a framework for my previous competitions that’s similar to yours (d3d, maths, fmod), and I have a .3ds loader there, take a look and see if you can use it…

    Can download it from:

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