Open sourcing my game engine

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August 18th, 2010 10:37 pm

This will be my first time participating in a Ludum Dare.  I will be using a game development framework that I’ve been working on for a while now and finally decided to open source.  It’s written in C++ with DirectX rendering, Box2d physics, and Ogg Vorbis music.  Dev environment is Visual C++ Express 2010 and DirectX SDK.

There are some pretty nice features included like a built in level editor, huge streamable worlds, particle system, fixed step interpolation, gamepad support, and debug console.  It comes with a clean slate project to build off and an example game.  You read more on my website or the project page on sourceforge. It’s called Frank Engine.

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5 Responses to “Open sourcing my game engine”

  1. sfernald says:

    Interesting engine. Nice. Seems like there is a bug though or maybe it is my configuration.

    When I compile and play the sample game (pill bug), what the bug does is fire immediately (then overheats). It just does this over and over. Fires a heavy wave and then overheats. Always shoots to the Northwest. Shouldn’t you be able to control when it fires and also what direction it fires?

    When I play with my logitech (xbox like controller), the second analog stick doesn’t do anything and I would expect it to fire the direction I’m holding the stick, but it doesn’t work at all. In fact, in the debug screen, when I move the left analog, it shows the change in numbers, but the right analog numbers don’t change at all when I move the stick around.

    Haven’t run into any problems with any other games, so I’m kinda thinking this might be a bug.

    Nice engine though. Looks like u put a lot of work into it 😉

    • KilledByAPixel says:

      Thanks! It seems like it’s having an issue with your joystick. You should indeed be able to aim and shoot with the right stick. Maybe try unplugging the joystick and just use mouse and wasd controls. I’ve tested it with an Xbox 360 controller and a PS3 controller with motion joy drivers and set to 360 emulation. Joystick support is one of the more new features so it may be a little wonky. Maybe there’s some way for me to detect what kind of joystick is plugged in?

      • sfernald says:

        Ok, I unplugged my logitech gamepad and that fixed it. It works fine with keyboard and mouse.

        The name of the gamepad is logitech dual action. It is an xbox controller clone. I will play around with it to see if I can get it working.


  2. dertom says:

    Nice engine and nice SampleGame!!

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