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August 16th, 2010 3:50 pm

August LD is LD I never miss. Was waiting for it since beginning of summer :) This year I managed to take a 2 week vacation around it meaning today is first day of it. Starcraft2 kind of eat big chunk of it though :)

I participated in 6 LDs so far producing something playable only 2 times. Have bad habit of trying something technically complex and new for me which ends up eating too much of my time… Kind of doubt that this time will be different but hope it will :)

Tools? That depends on the theme and my idea for it. Probably Flash for assets and interface, Flash develop for coding + my own code  snippets but majority being coded a new considering my programming knowledge/style. There is chance that I will decide to use some engine/library depending on the idea. They include Box2d/Flixel/Flash Punk. But I kind of doubt that as I do not have good enough knowledge of them to feel comfortable with them. Same goes for Unity 3D, started checking it out few weeks ago but since then interest faded a bit + did not had much time for it. Still chances are pretty slim as I find 3D games to be a hard thing to fill with content in short amount of time.

Checked today an Alchemy port of Box2D from here, from looks of it it seems easy and fun thing, a WYSIWYG physics tuning that allows seamless Flash animation and Box2D physics combination. But only from the looks of it. Still things to learn and code to write for each separate case of such Flash/Box2D binding.

P.S I sure hope Swords or Swordfights wins 😀

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