A GREEDY PROFESSION — miniLD 20 game complete

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July 19th, 2010 4:46 pm

Well, I finally finished today. (Earlier today, but now I’m just making the post.) I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done, and I’m going to improve the single-player, put in some built-in help, and hopefully do something cool with it like make some money. It’s made in Flash and pure AS3, with tons of BitmapDatas. Play it here, and make sure to read at least some of the info first or it probably won’t make sense.

You can leave any comments here until the compo opens for voting, assuming it’ll do that.

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  1. It absolutely rocks. Your randomized font routine totally plays with the no-copies-rule, and the fog of way white noise and globby empty regions was very fractally. I think this was the most original looking game of the competition. My vote? 10/10 for originality, 9/10 for graphics, 7/10 for gameplay (because I find it hard to “fire” using the F key while holding down a direction) and 10/10 for coolness.

    • 31eee384 says:

      Agreed on the controls–they can act a little weird on multiplayer (because of the limited number of detected keypresses). I wanted to make it so that the last key you press indicates the direction the next collector is fired, but because of the way I did controls (a bunch of booleans, even though I originally wanted to go with flags) it was too hard to implement in time.

      That said, pressing f at the same time as the movement keys shouldn’t be that hard if you are used to WASD control schemes… just use two hands and it should be OK. Definitely looking at the controls area for improvements as I move this game forward to something marketable. :)

  2. GBGames says:

    Once I realized I could fire off a collector at a wall, I could move through it much faster. The pixel noise is fantastic, and I agree with McFunkypants that the randomized font was clever.

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