Ludum Dare 18 – August 20-22 Weekend

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June 30th, 2010 6:53 pm

Yep, the real deal is coming up August 20th-22nd weekend. Suggest themes here. There will be some big changes as discussed here. We’ll be working on these changes and drafting up the new rules and specifics starting late July, so stay tuned. See you then!

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  1. jakkarth says:

    Looking forward to it! This time around I’m going to be sure not to disqualify myself, and I’ll have a windows machine to do ports with. See everyone there!

  2. Manuel777 says:

    Hey, Game amde with game maker 8 are allowed, right? 😀

  3. pants12 says:

    great i hope i can do it 😀

  4. Uhfgood says:

    I was reading about that whole LD vs Jam thing. I was thinking yay august 20-22nd where the 23rd is my actual birthday, however at the end someone was talking about “homebrew middleware” essentially not being allowed. Which means I can’t enter the compo with my editor and engine? It’s essentially homebrew middleware. If I can’t use it then I probably won’t enter, unless I’m just so good with AS3 that I can whip something up in no time, I will consider it then, at least I have a month.

    • “Homebrew middleware” is fine as long as you ‘release’ (you need not do more than stick a zip of it somewhere and put a link to it on a post here) whatever you’re using before the competition begins.

  5. Notch says:

    Ooh, wee! I’m gone the weekend before and the weekend after! I’m SO in!
    I also approve of the idea of stricter compo rules + an open jam session. I’d be very happy if people can’t use their own half-completed “engines” and just add graphics, and I’d really see even more middleware get outlawed, including physics engines.
    Regardless, my primary reason for joining has always been for the fun of writing a game in 48 hours while others try to do the same. 😀

  6. Hyped!

    If you’re UK based consider mooching over to Cambridge to jam it out there:

  7. Manuel777 says:

    Im having some doubts about gamemaker games, are we allowed to use DLL’s? nor extensions?

  8. Osgeld says:

    where can we see these rules?

    • Osgeld says:

      Super you got the wiki un-sex-pilled, you got the hint hehe

      BUT and I hate to be a dick about it, the wiki does say

      “Updated rules, plus details on the Compo+Jam system coming late July. Stay tuned.”

      now being the second week into August I kinda need to know if what I have been doing is still legit for the contest part (using love previously, using processing this time unless I chicken out, using texture generator output made during the contest, that I use on my original during the contest made graphics)

      and just what is currently agreed on as acceptable over all

      and if not I need time to arrange peoples schedules to do a (small) team jam


      I know you guys are trying your best to play both sides

  9. SonnyBone says:

    AW, SHOOT. I have to work that weekend.


    10 hour shifts and a 1 hour commute + 6 hours of sleep = no time for LD


  10. bluescrn says:

    Looks like I should be in for this one, too :)

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