Alien Cow Snatch

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June 6th, 2010 10:19 am

Taking SpaceManiac’s suggestion to finish up and not wanting to let snowyowl’s good sprites go to waste, here’s Alien Cow Snatch (made for MinLD #18) at last!

Snatch that cow now!

Snatch that cow now!


Left – Left Arrow

Right – Right Arrow

Jump – Up Arrow

Technical Details

C++, SFML, Box2d, Ticpp, Awesomium

The Story

You are an alien whose ship has been crashed  by green cows, and you were badly injured. Now you are out to get all the cows in the universe!

How the War Began

Download Alien Cow Snatch


Only 1 level

Cool Stuff

Changes to the map while the app runs is almost immediately updated in game.

The cool background is loaded via the web.

4 Responses to “Alien Cow Snatch”

  1. snowyowl says:

    😀 Thanks for finishing this!

  2. sfernald says:

    how is Awesomium being utilized in the game?

    • airbasher says:

      Currently, it loads the background which serves as a tutorial. In theory it can be used to provide instructions, create scripted events (like timers, periodic taunts etc), show high-scores etc.

      The background web browser’s output is determined by the map, and combined with the flexibility of HTML/JavaScript it can be used to do a whole bunch of things. The map is xml, so both the map/web-background can be easily delivered via the web.

      Using xml/html/javascript provides people an easy to use system. Since a lot of people know these languages it would be a lot easier for them get into it rather than learning something like lua and learning the game’s script api.

      Unfortunately, I was quite short on time during MiniLD#18, not even being able to finish a playable version. As soon as I got a bit of time, I finished proof of concept kinda thing and posted it here.

      To really use Awesomium, other than as a fancy background, it would use a web back-end to distribute maps, take scores etc. That would require a bit more work though. That was the general idea when I decided to include a browser as core part of the game which is not played in a web browser.

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