Blind Date Assignments!

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
May 15th, 2010 7:20 pm

Graphics pack mixup time!

hamburger, use airbasher’s
Megadog, use kd5bjo’s
Shockedfrog, use hamburger’s
Mstrp2ez, use moltanem2000’s
airbasher, use snowyowl’s
snowyowl, use Megadog’s
kd5bjo, use Mstrp2ez’s
moltanem2000, use Shockedfrog’s

Also, PoV did a cool job with his sketches. Feel free to use those for title graphics, or backgrounds, or something exciting!

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  1. snowyowl says:

    I’m going to include one of PoV’s sketches in my game. Megadog didn’t exactly make a complete set here.

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