Yay #7 in Fun and Overall! Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated and voted! I only got to rate about 66% of the games thanks to a hectic couple of weeks, but I’ll definitely still have a look at some of the ones I missed.

Update: More final version released, (includes fix to the double jumping issue mentioned in the comments), here’s the mod db page for it http://www.moddb.com/games/island-hopping/

Island Hopping 1.2b 01


Thanks to homework and all sorts of unexpected junk these last couple weeks I wasn’t able to get this ready until now, I still have yet to make a web interface for viewing the high scores or a tutorial, but whatever…

Here’s what I’m calling the version 1.2 beta, it’s probably fairly buggy and missing things, but I think/hope it is significantly better than the compo version.

Tutorial is listed as an option, but I never got around to it, so just ignore it for now. Also, keep in mind that this is my first attempt at online leaderboard stuff, so I might disable it at any point (or it might break) due to unforeseen events.

[Download Link]

Released a more final version on Mod DB: http://www.moddb.com/games/island-hopping/


  • Improved double jumping (also double jumping is removed for hard and insane modes)
  • Online high scores
  • Local high scores
  • More options (toggle music, allow internet access, field of view, etc)
  • OGRE dialogue thing removed in favor of ingame options
  • Jumping is now mapped to all letter keys, up arrow, ctrl/alt/shift/enter/space and mouse clicking
  • All of those above keys also restart the game now (there is a 1/2 second delay to keep you from clicking right through it though)
  • Misc bugfixes
  • And probably more but I’m drawing a blank now…

Anyways, I’d appreciate any feedback, and I hope you enjoy it! I’ll probably keep working with it for a week or two, so suggestions are welcome.

5 Responses to “Island Hopping Post-Compo Version “1.2 Beta””

  1. Daz says:

    I’ve had a bug since 1.0: Sometimes it eats my double jump. Really unfortunate, because I never know when it’s going to happen and thus find myself soaring merrily through the air when I realize I will NOT make the jump because for some mysterious reason, while I had 2 green rectangles on an island, as soon as I jumped they both vanished from sight…

  2. DaFOx says:

    I’ll just drop this here.
    http://i.imgur.com/QbC24.png 1.1 on Easy

    I can’t wait to try this puppy out!

  3. joyboxed says:

    still playing it after 2years =D

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