Mini-LD 18: Blind Date

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
May 7th, 2010 3:09 pm

Mini-LD 18: Blind Date is the weekend of May 14-16.

It’ll last a total of 48 hours, but with a twist – 24 will be graphics, and 24 will be code.

At 7:00 PM Pacific Time Friday I will reveal the actual theme theme, so you know what graphics to make and what kind of basecode to prepare.
When you have finished your graphics, write a blog post with the tag ‘blind date gfx’ and a link to your graphics.
At 7:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday I’ll assign everyone who submitted graphics the graphics of someone else.
Submit your game to the submission page when you’re done. Submissions will close 7:00 PM Pacific Time Sunday.

2D graphics: Format as png/jpeg as appropriate, as well as including source material (xcf, psd, svg)
3D graphics: Include 2D png/jpeg renderings as appropriate so those making 2D games will be able to use your graphics, a .obj, as well as source material (3DSMax file, other 3D file)

When you’re coding your game, feel free to convert the graphics to whatever format you need – bmp, packfile, whatever.
Minimal vector graphics (lines, arrows, suchlike) are fine, as well as grabbing fonts from wherever you need (but avoid using text for graphics)

Regarding audio: feel free to include audio in your graphics pack! However, it’s fine to make audio during the coding time.

Let’s hope this goes as planned, and everyone who makes graphics also manages to make a game! 😀

20 Responses to “Mini-LD 18: Blind Date”

  1. TFernando says:

    This looks like fun!

    I hope it doesn’t move… I can irresponsibly ditch what I was planning to work on this weekend, but I’ll be out of town next week and wouldn’t be able to participate. :( But you’d probably get more people with more than a couple hours notice.

  2. Tozy says:

    What? When? Who?
    Sound good. Wanna participate! =3

  3. Draknek says:

    What about audio and music?

  4. billknye says:

    I was thinking about participating but I feel bad making someone else use my graphics =(

  5. snowyowl says:

    …I agree with billknye. The solution seems to be to make me use his graphics and him use mine 😛
    …Is there a theme or something? It would help me if I knew the genre of game that I was making these graphics for. Platform graphics look completely different from puzzle graphics.
    And does my victim… um, I mean “teammate”… have to use all the graphics I made and no others?

    • 31eee384 says:

      The art will need to be made in 24hrs, starting when he reveals the theme (and therefore whether or not it could be a platformer vs. a puzzle game).

      I’m not going in to this miniLD, though, because I lack art skills. As can be seen from my LD17 game, I make stuff look OK by not using much art at all. …And those forks? They were supposed to be fists before I colored them.

  6. Codexus says:

    Interesting idea (even though I wouldn’t mind a normal Mini-LD once in a while 😉 )

    I wonder how well it will work in practice. For example if I make graphics for a 3D game and get pixel art graphics and the guy who wanted to make a game with pixel graphics gets my 3d stuff. Well, I guess that could be fun even if the games end up being weird.

    Anyway, I guess my participation will depend on how inspired I feel on Saturday…

  7. TenjouUtena says:

    I suggest a bit of a change:

    Next weekend, interested parties make a set of assets in 48 hours. They can make graphics / Sounds / Stories / dialog / fonts / whatever, and save it as a pack.

    The following weekend, everyone picks a set, not their own, and uses it to make a game. You have to use 90% of the assets in a pack, you can only choose one pack. You can make up whatever other assets you want out of the pack.

    The only real problem with this is that some people’s asset packs might not get chosen.

  8. hamburger says:

    Awesome idea! I love doing things blind; they become philosophically interesting as a result.

    As an example see “Slapstick” (, my team game with Doches from a previous mini-LD, where we made two entirely separate games and combined them in the 48th hour.

    If I end up not going on vacation next weekend, I’ll definitely participate.

  9. xeon06 says:

    Will the announcements be posted from the news account?

  10. PoV says:

    No, I usually sticky the relevant posts by the host, but you bring up a good point. I’m going to start tagging all the posts by MiniLD hosts with the announcements category, so you can follow this feed to keep up on MiniLD’s.

  11. moltanem2000 says:

    exciting! I’ll certainly whip something up. oh man 24 hours of graphics i won’t even be using myself

  12. sfernald says:

    I want to participate, but I really want to do another interactive fiction. I think I’ll just work along during the 48 hours using whatever theme is chosen and do my own thing.

  13. snowyowl says:

    I have a suggestion to ensure that more-or-less everyone who creates graphics gets them used in a game. When the coders have chosen the graphics set they want to use, make a comment on that post along the lines of “I’m going to use your graphics” or “Dibs!” or some such.
    Obviously, you don’t have to pay attention to such posts if you want a certain tileset which is already being used. Having two different games with the same graphics is all part of the fun.

  14. vruz says:

    what if there’s a great graphics package and the assigned game/code doesn’t do it justice?

    what if there’s a great game/code with lousy graphics?

    how about if you allow to make more than just one combination of code and graphics by setting some standard sizes for the sprites which would allow for more interchangeable graphics/code ?

    • snowyowl says:

      I disagree. Standard sizes dictate the graphical style to a certain extent – you can’t pack the same level of photorealism into an 8×8 sprite as you can in a 48×64 sprite.
      If you really want to, just resize some of the images when you include them in your game.

      The beginning approaches… I’m in!

    • snowyowl says:

      PS: Not everyone is making 2D sprites either.

  15. Kimau says:

    Can we have some rule or subscription list for 2D or 3D?
    Cause I really want to do 2D for a change.

    Interested to see how it turns out… might explode might not

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