Strategy guide for Voyage for the Queen

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April 28th, 2010 8:21 pm

I thought this would be helpful since there is no in-game tutorial and the game may be a bit complex. The compo page for the game is here.

General Tips

The queen will randomly select a trade good to retrieve for the quest. If she asks you to get 5000 gold coins then reload. You will need to visit around 100 islands to finish and you will get bored.  Bananas might also get tedious (around 26 islands) if you are in a hurry to vote.

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The Trade Window

In the trade window, the arrow buttons show how the trading boxes link together. The player’s trade goods go from the left list to the upper middle trading box and the trader’s goods go from the right list to the lower middle trading box.To transfer items between the boxes,  first click on an item and then click the corresponding arrow connecting the two boxes.


Below the middle trading boxes is how much extra profit the trader is making on the trade. He will not accept less than 0% profit so you need to get it out of the negative. There are currently no effects for giving him extra profit or attempting to trade him negative profit too often so try to make his profit as small as possible while still remaining above 0%.

Another tip for making trade easier is to hold down shift while clicking the arrows. This will transfer items 10 at a time making large trades and trades involving coins quicker.

Towns and Tribes

There are twoTribesTowns different types of islands to trade with, some inhabited by tribes and some inhabited by towns. These two types trade different sets of complimentary goods. In general, tribes will pay a greater price for goods made in a town and vice versa. The only goods that do not follow this rule are wood, cannons, swords and coins. Good trade goods to buy from tribes are wood, silks, bananas and beaver pelts. Good trade goods to buy from towns are spices and jugs of rum. The value of goods fluctuates depending on which island you are trading at. One tribe might pay more for your spices, for example, than the tribe on the island across the way. Conversely the two tribes might sell their goods at different prices.


Wood was originally going to be used for repairing your ship but that was cut for time. Right now, both towns sell wood but it’s only a good deal to buy it from tribes and sell to towns since towns value it at a higher price.

Gold Coins

Gold coins  are worthless to the tribes so it’s pointless to trade them there. What they are good for is making change for more exact trades with towns people. Gold coins are worth 1 value at every town so it’s not possible to make a bad trade with them (unless you trade them to the previously mentioned tribes). For example, if you find yourself 7 value short of a trade with the tribe you would have to re-allocate your traded goods or add more goods giving the tribe more profit, but with a town you can just add 7 coins to the pile and it will be even. Conversely if the town is making 7 value profit you can add 7 coins on their side and the deal will be even.

Cannons and Swords

Cannons are very expensive and tend to sell to tribes at a worse rate than to towns, between two towns you may get a good profit but where they shine is pirate protection. In a pirate battle, first the number of cannons is checked. If you have more cannons than the pirates you sink the pirates and win. It is the only way to get out of a pirate battle without losing any cargo. If the pirates win the cannon battle they then board you and then the count of swords is compared. If you have more swords the pirates leave with 25% of your cargo, otherwise they steal it all. Swords can be a reasonable item to trade as the fluctuation between values at different islands can be considerable, but tribes won’t pay that much more in general than towns for them.

Am I Getting a Good Price?

If you are curious what the base value of the items in your cargo screen are, press the I key while not in a dialog. It will list all of your items and their base values. You will also see the total value of your cargo and your quest here.

Help! I was attacked by pirates and lost all my stuff

Hit Q to return to the queen’s island, then talk to her and press the resupply button. She will give you the original set of goods (200 coins, 10 rum, 1 cannon, 2 swords) that you started with. I think the penalty for pirate attacks might be a little harsh right now so be sure to keep your cannon number up. The pirates will bring more cannons the higher your cargo value is on the “I” screen. It is good to have at least one cannon for every 5000 value of trade goods you carry.

I Finished the Quest but I Don’t Remember Where the Queen was

Hit Q to return to the queen and turn in your cargo.

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