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April 26th, 2010 4:20 pm

I thought I’d spend a few minutes addressing three comments already made on my game, Hungry for Island.

PsySal says …

Nicely done. I made it to level 4 I think.

– nice graphics, sound; doesn’t really feel like anything is missing or wildly out-of-place.
– forks change colors
– forks actually have bits of island on them.
– somehow strangely satisfying

– mouse controls feels awkward. I like the rotating screen I think it just might work better with keyboards…! =)

Thanks for the list. Those middle two pros make me glad I spent a little more time on the game. They were the last two things I added, for a little flair. Glad to see they’re appreciated. :)

The mouse control seemed a bit weird to my dad too when he played the game. I guess I should have considered my options more, and perhaps implemented both mouse AND keyboard controls instead of a somewhat unintuitive system. (It was originally supposed to be a mousepicking control scheme, but I couldn’t figure it out quickly enough and went to this method, briefly considering using the keyboard. The reason for the mousepicking is that I had planned on porting my game to the iPhone when the competition came to a close.)

Laksen says …

Completed it in 352 forks. Started spamming forks at the last two levels. That was strangely amusing 😛

Thanks for the comment, amusing is really what I was going for with the game. Fork-spam is a problem I wanted to deal with, but I didn’t have time to do anything about it. I’ve got a bunch of ideas floating around, including an “eat a civilization” sort of thing, where you try to eat people and cities instead of entire islands. When I get back to this game I’ll have something in mind.

increpare says …

482 forks! turned into a mindless clickathon at the end.

I find your using the term ‘submerged’ to be interesting…

Ah, yes, the origin of submerged. I’ll start from the top–a summary of everything this game went through to be where it is. “Submerged” is a vestige of this game’s early age.

The game started out based on the Iceland guy. It was going to be about you directing his fists down on various islands, ending on Iceland as the final battle. (You can see that the first level looks sort of like Iceland! Sort of!) I was planning to take some screenshots of the guy on youtube, pixel on top of him, and make him the commentator. As you slammed his fists down on the island, he would egg you on, and a score would show up next to his head. So, I named this percent value “submerged,” as that was the guy’s goal: submerge Iceland. I just got so used to seeing it in my debugging sessions, I completely forgot its meaning.

So, I began trying to craft this man’s fist. I couldn’t do it. My brother said it looked like a fork. Ha! I said, coloring it white and making it 2d. The design was approved by my brother and from there on it was no longer about the Iceland guy.

Weird thing to note here is that I did consider changing the “submerged” to “eaten” or something of the like, but I didn’t. Why? The forks didn’t have chunks of land on them yet, and as it still looked like the forks were shoving the land into the ocean I decided not to bother changing it yet. (I never touched that part of the code again.)

Then, later, I added the multicolor forks (a suggestion from my mom) and in a flash of brilliant inspiration made the forks bring with them chunks of the island. Immediately following, in a flash of stupidity, I forgot about the meaning of “submerged” and submitted it.

It’s too late to change it for the compiled version, but if you want to personalize your copy of Hungry for Island, search for submerged using your text editor of choice in the file “Game.cpp” and change it to something adequate. “Eaten” or “Consumed” work, but if you want “Forked” or “LudumDare’d” that works too.

It’s your game!

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  1. Xopods says:

    Not directly related to this post, except that I’m responding to your comment on my game… leaving it as a comment since the Ludum Site doesn’t seem to allow for private messaging.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback. In particular, your suggestion of displaying the prices at each base when you mouse over a commodity in the GUI is brilliant. I will do exactly that.

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