Ludum Dare 17 – Time to play and rate games!

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April 25th, 2010 8:20 pm

Now that was Ludum Dare 17! Everybody exhausted? There’s no time to be exhausted! It’s voting time!

As usual voting will last for 2 weeks. And with more than 200 entries, we can’t expect everyone to play everything. Still, everyone has been randomly assigned 20 games, so we ask that you at least play those. More would definitely be appreciated, and the the more games you rate, the higher your score in the “Coolness” category. For an example of final ratings, take a look at Ludum Dare 16’s results.

From the Wiki, the categories you’ll be rating games based on, and what they mean:

1. Innovation – The unexpected. Things in a unique combination, or something so different it’s notable.
2. Fun – How much you enjoyed playing a game. Did you look up at the clock, and found it was 5 hours later?
3. Theme – How well an entry suits the theme. Do they perhaps do something creative or unexpected with the theme?
4. Graphics – How good the game looks. Nice artwork, excellent generated or geometric graphics, charming programmer art, etc.
5. Audio – How good the game sounds. A catchy soundtrack, suitable sound effects, voice overs, etc.
6. Humor – How amusing a game is. Humorous dialog, funny sounds, or is it so bad it’s good?
7. Overall – Your overall opinion of the game, in every aspect important to you.
8. Community – Journals, photos, timelapse video. Everything you do above and beyond just making the game.
9. Coolness – How many games you rated? Score a Bronze, Silver, and Gold by rating LOTS of games.

That’s all for now. Go vote!

Interesting Links: [ Torrent containing most of the entries ]
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16 Responses to “Ludum Dare 17 – Time to play and rate games!”

  1. thedaian says:

    205 entries! Wow. Congratulations to everyone who entered a game, and good luck to everyone.

  2. fydo says:

    Yeah, congrats to everyone involved. It was a great weekend! 😀

  3. toadfrogs says:

    OMG! 205 entries, hehe..
    Its time for me to judge some games 😉

  4. cptalbertwesker says:

    Sorry what do you mean we’ve been randomly assigned 20 games to review, where can I find these?

  5. athanazio says:

    gratz all,
    too bad Im 4 hours late 😛

  6. ickylevel says:

    Whats with the randomness ? What if some games are “given” to evaluate to more persons than others ?

    • snowyowl says:

      There are over 200 games submitted. The chances of a noticeable difference due to some games being shortlisted more than others is minimal. Especially when you consider that the most popular games will be played more anyway.

  7. tove says:

    May I play [at least] twenty games other than those assigned to me instead? Most of my assigned games are only for Windows.

  8. geti says:

    That was an amazing first LD for me. Can’t wait for the next one so I can get something more presentable done :)

  9. Endurion says:

    To all the entrants:

    Please at least once in the two weeks voting time look at your comments. If there’s something about broken link or download limit reached you might want to do something about it. Most people will try once and never again. I try to leave a comment about the problem and took a look today. Three people of the 10 votes missing had uploaded and/or fixed their download and received a fair vote. The others didn’t. Spot the difference!

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