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April 25th, 2010 2:39 pm

I won’t be entering any code, but I had two interesting ideas that I considered making something of. Here’s a rough sketch of the first one.


The core mechanic has you driving a boat/car hybrid through a kind of archipelago landscape. There’s a jump button, and with each jump you transform between boat and car. It would probably be allowed to switch again in mid-air if you find that you will end up landing on the wrong kind of terrain. Landing inappropriately would lead to explosion and restart/respawn. The transformation would occur as an animated flip/roll along the length axis of the vehicle, so in theory it could actually be built as a car with a boat “on its back”.

Hopefully driving this contraption would pretty much be enough fun to entertain for a while. There would be some nice skidding physics, with the boat having less grip than the car. A bit like my old netboats game.

For added gameplay though, I figured maybe you could be fishing with a trailing line, gathering fish from schools/swarms that roam the waters and casually try to avoid you. You could add any number of fish to the line, but it would also add mass that would make it harder to control movement, and it would also attract sharks that want to eat the fish and/or you.

As an extra twist, to incorporate the land areas and encourage you to actually drive from time to time, I had a weird idea that you could get on land and drag the fish around as bait to lure tigers from the shrubbery, and catch those on the line as well. In the end, you would head back home to a meat market (X) where you score based on the catch/combo.

Not exactly sure how the various elements would play out in the end, but it seemed like it could be a bit of oldschool arcade fun. The playfield would be much larger than indicated on the sketch, with some areas of alternating land/water/land which would be tricky to navigate without losing a lot of speed or crashing. Perhaps seagulls could be chasing you as an incentive to keep moving quickly.

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