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April 25th, 2010 11:50 am

I did some last minute tinkering with the difficulty, and added some basic tutorial hints (displayed on your first play).  Getting the difficulty right was hard, and I suspect I may have gone too far towards the hard end of the scale.  But then these kind of games tend to rely on frequent deaths as part of their replayability.  I’m interested in what kind of comments I’ll get.

There are 5 endings by the way; 3 bad, 1 good, and 1 very good but rare.

LD entry link.

After the jump, a final food photo:


As usual, my eating hasn’t been particularly healthy this weekend, so I decided to finish off with a big fruit salad.  That’s Melon, Grapes, Apple, Raspberries, Banana, and Raspberry Coulis (looking bizarrely like ketchup in that photo; it’s 3 parts raspberry to 1 part caster sugar, blended).

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