Day 2’s todo list

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April 25th, 2010 4:47 am

I’ve got an awful lot to do, but I’m confident of having /something/ out the door before the deadline.

My todo list for today (in order of priority):

– Improve map paging

– Biome parser

– Entity definitions

– Implement efficient scrolling

– AI

– Interface (at the moment there isn’t one, beyond keyboard)

– Create own tileset (I’m using the stock Dwarf Fortress one just now)

– Resizeable canvas/curses UI

– Resource management (food, grog, plunder)

– Crew management

– Weather / Day-Night cycle

– Dynamic vector field for wind direction

– Lose condition

– Town/Battle mode (separate game mode from the main “high seas” game. more traditionally roguelike – may not make the cut, which would be a shame if ship-to-ship combat was just like trad roguelikes but with blue tiles)

– Procedurally generated content (maps, biomes, entities, markov chains for town and people names)

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