tried to make an island text adventure

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April 24th, 2010 8:30 pm

and failed miserably. Just wanted to take a break from Unity and all that fancy 3d. But, it was fun to mess around TADS3 for a bit. There’s a few things you can do in the game, but nothing too interesting. Will probably come back to TADS3 one day and make a proper text adventure. Now to finish my real entry.

windows build + tads3 source code

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4 Responses to “tried to make an island text adventure”

  1. madk says:

    “I would not want to miss Lopez Tonight”… that’s prime material.

  2. KavuDX says:

    I want to throw all my work away and start using the TADS3 right now…
    Oh god, if only I had met you sooner…

  3. LoneStranger says:

    pick up coconut
    give coconut dog
    get dildo
    wield dildo
    attack swayze
    get knife
    remove dildo
    wield knife
    carve swayze

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