Pincer – A failed experiment

Posted by (twitter: @triplefox)
April 24th, 2010 10:59 am

I figured my other AI could be a pathfinding one. Surely I could just reuse some pathfinding code for haXe? No, of course not. The library I found showed several signs of poor manufacture(particularly, using the extremely slow Enum construct to identify whether nodes are start/end/clear/blocked instead of, say, an integer value) and threw an exception in use.

Now I’m left torn between writing my own pathfinding code(done it several times before) and integrating it into the Roguelike collision system, or to go with dummy run-at-player AI. The latter would be a much safer bet, but I think that having a pathfinder mob, besides being useful library code, would add more dynamism to the game – with the water and bombs, there’s plenty of opportunities for the player to snipe at them or send them into traps, rather than it always being a head-on combat situation.

This is probably one I should sleep on, really. I’m at the end of my day.

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