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April 24th, 2010 11:39 am

Greetings ludarriers, I’m about to start making a game, here we go!

I’m getting a pretty late start, I was learning salsa dancing when LD started, and have been walking the clouds ever since, but now it’s time to find an Island to land on.

I started learning flixel/actionscript 3 a few weeks ago for research at school. I’ve made a basic platformer and Pong, and I’m going to use flixel for LD17. My next research project is to make a clone of River Raid (Atari vertical scrolling shooter/shmup) and I’m going to get half my research done for LD17.

My vision for this game, as of now, is to make a scrolling shmup that scrolls in the direction of the player. The player will fly a plane over water and land on islands. Islands will be a source of fuel and ammo for the craft. The player will shoot down enemy craft while traveling between islands. Islands will sometimes be controlled by an enemy, and the player will have to shoot down enemy craft and drop bombs on island fortifications. Stuff I probably won’t get to is commodity trading for profit, purchasable upgrades, craft, and fortifications.

This sounds like a good start. I’m quite tired right now and I’m probably only going to get about 12 hours of work done all weekend, but we’ll see. I’m working in a public library today, chair is pretty comfy.

I’m calling the game Tail Spin, a spin on the 90’s cartoon Tale Spin, which involved flying planes between islands.

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