ANSI art!

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April 24th, 2010 7:33 am


ANSI colors are pretty limited, and I’m having trouble getting the ‘bright’ variations to display, but perhaps I’ll get some pity votes in the graphics category 😉

I’ve done some thinking with the gameplay.  Islands will be traditional room based areas, where you can explore, fight things, find and bury treasure, get peppers.

Players will be able to buy boats that let them sail throughout the world by setting directions.

Hopefully I will have time to implement some sort of nautical combat and piracy.

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  1. hdon says:

    That’s ASCII art! You have to use those lines (179 through 218) or those blocks (219 through 223) to call it ANSI art! (ASCII only goes up to 127.)

  2. jplur says:

    well it’s using ansi color codes :p

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