Welcome to Ludum Dare 17

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April 23rd, 2010 5:55 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Ludum Dare 17! Our first major compo of the futuristic year 2010! It’s been a big year for us so far, so lets keep that momentum going!

The theme will be announced shortly, see above. If this is your first Ludum Dare, I’ve prepared a handy little guide you can read. More details can be found on the wiki.

Keynote Address

Now to get you fired up for 48 hours of game making greatness, here’s Phil Hassey.

From all of us at Ludum Dare, good luck!


22 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 17”

  1. thedaian says:

    In honor of the keynote speaker, the theme is ‘Goats’, even though it was never on the voting lists anywhere.

  2. HybridMind says:

    Oh that was wonderful! 😀 Love the outtakes too!

  3. toadfrogs says:

    I’m entering once the theme has announced 😀

  4. Arne says:

    Inspirational indeed! It’s past bedtime here in Sweden, but it’s going to be interesting to wake up tomorrow (today) and find out what the theme is. Hopefully my tax declaration won’t get in the way. It’s a bit like game development – when you’re almost done it turns out that you have most of it left…

  5. geti says:

    This is going to be amazing. Also was it just me, or was poor Cuzco missing a horn?

  6. Joe Lesko says:

    Beautiful and poignant. Plus, a kick-ass belt buckle.

  7. jacius says:

    That was both sweet and cheesy, like sharing a slice of delicious cheesecake with an adorable unicorn goat.

  8. toadfrogs says:

    Islands! Yeah! I have an idea for that! 😀

  9. nitram_cero says:

    Mhh, lately only geographical topics: Caverns, Exploration, Islands. Gimme a break!

  10. PsySal says:

    This was amazing!

  11. Code_wizard says:

    So awesome. Great keynote!

  12. Codexus says:

    Lol! The goat was awesome! (Phil was OK too 😉

    Good luck everyone!

  13. Tichy says:

    Where is that place, anyway? Living where other people go for holidays?

    Reminds me of the movie Existenz: all game developers are living in the countryside now…

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