Networked Multiplayer Only?

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April 23rd, 2010 8:12 pm

Feedback sought on this:

I am going to do a real time strategy game that is inspired by Starcraft and ATC Air Traffic Controller Simulator from the bsdgames package.

For the uninitiated, atc is an all keyboard-driven game to be played in your favorite terminal emulator. All of the controls are commands that you issue to individual planes attempting to get them to land. I think that by factoring out the mouse, I’ll simplify my programming a bit, and get to tickle my fetish for frenzied keyboard commands.

The rub, and this is what I want feedback on: What do people think of an entry that has no single player mode? I’m planning to run a server (or several) in San Francisco so that everyone can connect quickly and easily and begin playing immediately. By factoring out single player mode, I am avoiding having to write an AI player for the game. To my mind that is a big simplification, and will make it much more practical to finish this game in 48 hours.

The only problem is that I have no idea if this will fly. Is this acceptable to the LD community? How would I reconcile player instantiation versus the long lifecycle of the server? Should the game restart periodically? Should there be a win condition that ends the round? I can’t decide.

Please give me your opinions!

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  1. fydo says:

    The main thing is that you can’t guarantee the user experience. What I’m up testing games at 2 AM and nobody else is online to play? Sounds like a recipe for a low fun score. Unless you can also make it fun without anyone else to play against :)

  2. geti says:

    yeah, as long as it’s still fun when there arent many people around that’d be fine. get it out there on some forums and get your friends in on it if you can. it’s a design choice you need to make, and it depends on how long it takes to get into and start enjoying yourself.

  3. philhassey says:

    i’d highly recommend you throw in a bot or something :)

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