Momentary procastrination to document my morning.

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April 23rd, 2010 8:27 pm
I has a pulse and everything.

I has a pulse and everything.

So, first off I woke up. This was an important step in starting my day. Had I not woken up (I suppose I still may not have, maybe Ill wake up after coding my basic engine and the theme will be something I like better, or it will still be islands and this LD will actually just be groundhogs day…)

Next, I got breakfast. Today is a very important day, that day being friday. As of such!

HOTDOGS!!!!1111 and dorito filth.

HOTDOGS!!!!1111 and dorito filth.

Loaded with mustard and sauerkraut. I do this every friday. No, really.

Well, I usually skip the chips.

Soooo good!

Soooo good!

This one had cheese. It was nummy. I still have one more for later, tho Ill probably get a pizza at like midnight. (hurrah late night delivery.)

Sharing hotdogs with pretty girls = mandatory!

Sharing hotdogs with pretty girls = mandatory!

Eating breakfast with mah wife pretty much makes every day a good day.

After that, we hung out, I kinda geeked out at her about ideas for different themes, none of those themes being islands.

I had an awesome one for Isolation where its top down and you spend the whole game in a large metropolitan area like SF or newyork or something, sept totally fake, and the main character is really vibrantly colored, and the whole game is you trying to find a bar, and being lost and asking people for directions, but whenever you ask someone for directions it pauses and shows a dialogue screen with pictures of faces, sept the people dont have faces, just heads with shadows where the eyes and mouths should be, and give really basic 1 to three word responses to whatever you ask them, then, when you finally find the bar, you either get a scene where the player walks into a dimly lit room with nothing but some bar stools and a vending machine labeled beer, buys a drink, starts drinking it, and it fades to black, OR if you talked to tuns of people, walks into a well lit bar full of interesting looking people, talks to the bartender, who has a face and some personality, bartender asks how he’s doing, he responds with “fine” bartender asks what he wants, he says “beer,” his face slowly fades away during the conversation (just make the features an alpha layer… pretty simple) and it ends with him sitting at the bar drinking alone, then fades to black….

Ohh well, not that one.

If it was Pretentious art game, I was gonna make a game where an art critique beats the crap out of various paintings and sculptures and artists,  ala streets of rage. (Yeah, I realize my first idea was a pretentious art game, but if it was pretentious art game I planned to make a murder simulator. I was actually thinking about calling it murder simulator.)

Evolution was going to be a metroidvania… Seems obvious.

OHHhhh Well, I think I have a good idea for an island themed bullet hell, so enough procrastination.

… ohyeah,  I also walked her to work, picked up some coffee (I was out, Im on cup 2 so far, probably about to have cup three then get to work,) then proceeded to pick up some icecream (she works at an icecream parlor, I get free icecream, its organic, and relatively freshly made, meaning her boss makes a bunch of the stuff every week or so, its friggin amazing.)

Then, walked home and booted my computer, only to find the dare had just started. Ohboy.

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