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April 20th, 2010 9:55 am

Since tenacity is an important quality, I am back for another round of LD.

The tools I’ll be using:
QT4 library : lets see if it has everything that game development needs. I know how to use 2D drawing methods and openGL, I’m not sure about the sound support.
QTCreator : the official QT IDE, so far has served me well. This is the main reason I am going with QT, although I could use any other c++ lib in it. I love it. :)
Gimp,Inkscape : graphic tools of choice.
Blender : I might decide to go 3D with this game, haven’t decided yet. Might use blender, maybe just for 2D renders.
LMMS : linux multimedia studio, will be using it for music composing. Any other sound recording will probably be done by some generic sound recorder tool.

Now I have to prepare my timelapse script, last time I took way to many screen shots, ended up with a few hours of footage. Also need to do some shopping and prepare my work environment before the compo. Can’t wait.

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  1. jovoc says:

    Interesting choice for a toolchain. I’ve often considered using QT for one of these contests, but I’m afraid that I would get sidetracked adding gui stuff like a level editor with all the gui components so readily available. It would be great for a sim-type or RPG game that needs a lot of GUI. Especially now that you can mix OpenGL with widgets and GraphicsItems on the canvas. Also having the signals/slots and all the Qt utility classes available seems like it would be very helpful. I’m looking forward to seeing how your project turns out…

    Hadn’t heard of LMMS before — that looks awesome .. I have to try that. I use n-Track Studio (on windows) for my sound stuff.

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