Alien Flight Academy: Graduation Day (FINAL)

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February 21st, 2010 6:19 pm

Alien Flight Academy: Graduation Day

You can play this game in your browser (warning: sounds will play)

It’s time for your final exam to graduate from your UFO school. Only problem is you were a complete slacker. You have no idea how to fly your ship. You have 3 minutes to impress your commander by destroying as many humans, cars, helicopters, tanks and jets as you can–or suffer the consequences!

All you can remember is to use the keys 1,2,3,4 and 7,8,9,0

Tools used:
* Coded in ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash CS4 IDE and using my mouth and microphone and Audacity to process the sound effects. I composed the music loop in Reason.

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11 Responses to “Alien Flight Academy: Graduation Day (FINAL)”

  1. vitae says:

    Figuring out the keys at the beginning was an interesting concept, though they were quickly discovered. I’m not sure there is merit to moving up/down, but it fun trying to figure out why I was falling and how to correct it.

  2. AtkinsSJ says:

    FOr some reason, I couldn’t get into my head what the keys were, so I just mashed them all… and I got the current high-score! XD

  3. dertom says:

    The input is really challenging…and have to admit I could resist the power of online Highscore! 😀 Good job

    • dertom says:

      Ähm…I meant couldn’t resist….! 😀

      • HybridMind says:

        I noticed you setting REALLY highscores Dertom.. as current reigning champion–any balancing or fun improvements you may have would be welcome. I like this basic prototype and I feel it has a lot of room for improvement as a concept. I didn’t really have a lot of time for playtesting or balancing but I would be up to making a post-compo version from some final much needed polish bits and mechanic/game tweaks.

  4. dertom says:

    Hmm…actually I like the game as it is! It is not complicated but you always have the ability to learn. e.g. flying up and down is absolutly NOT intuitive which keeps something like “if you learn to use that keys, you will get a highscore” (do you lose points if you got hit? I’m not sure I think you only loose energy,right?). Maybe loosing score would even encourage you to use more up and down. I can describe how I always play:

    – go to uppest position in the middle and use 3-key for firing down using the perfect angle and hitting both ends only adjusting a bit left and right to kill the helicopters as well. (Maybe these could come to the highest position as well, maybe in level2). If the tanks come and I dont get them hit, I use the beam (if possible wait until many are at the same area) Maybe if more than one tank is in the same area they could build up a shield!? 😀 The planes are the only real danger and only if the come on the highest position. (Maybe the could be in upper levels more looking where the player is located). I never go up and down as I don’t get this in my head… 😀 Taking the few plan crashes is no problem…

    But nevertheless I like the game as it is. If it would be more difficult I don’t know if the fun would be the same.

    PS: Sry, I have a 2nd highscore as I work in another country than I live (and where I played yesterday)

    • HybridMind says:

      Thanks for the detailed info on your strategy and your thoughts about it. This is helpful stuff for me improving this game. I noticed you have a score now of like 364K ! Using your strategy I’ve finally broken into the 200K range at least… :)

      • dertom says:

        what you really should consider is something like an overheating of the normal 45° down-shoot or lowering the frequency of the shoot (maybe if overheating is too high or somthing like that). I hold 3 all the time just adjusting very little position from left to right which kills 85% of all ground “troops”…. If I really have to aim it will be a different kind of gameplay (for me)

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