Experiments with the Sine Wave for Mini LD #16

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February 20th, 2010 11:49 pm

Here’s an experimental piece for the Mini Ludum #16. Right now there is no actual goal, but I’m liking how bizarre its becoming. I’m only using the 9 colors available, and I’m doing a really easy overlay to make it look cool.


1 2 3 4 – Change Sin Wave Speed
7 8 9 0 – Move X value of Sin Wave

2 Responses to “Experiments with the Sine Wave for Mini LD #16”

  1. HybridMind says:

    that is lovely and freaky! hehe

  2. osto says:

    Definitely weird and confusing.

    But also definitely very fun to play with.

    If you find a way to add a goal, like the waves opposing each other for some reason, or having a kind of Egon Spengler “Don’t Cross The Streams” type of thing would be even more fun.

    Either way, nice work so far.

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