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January 29th, 2010 1:35 pm

I thought I’d take a break from coding, and share my next plan.

I’m planning a Java-based web game.

The premise of the game is this: It is a turn-based strategy game where instead of directly controlling your units, you must write their AI. There are more details about the game after the break.

Also, I’m looking for a host that can support the game. quin and demize have offered, but I’m still open to other offers. Support for Python on the site is definitely a plus, as I’d like to develop the site using Django. It’s not necessary, but it’s definitely something I want.

Units and structures behave individually in all ways, and there is no central control structure unless the person who wrote the AI implements it. This includes resources and movements, as well as communication between units. Units can run into each other and talk to each other. Also, producers (Both structure builders and unit factories) must be holding the necessary resources to complete the things they are trying to make.

Units will consist of a body (Such as a wheeled base or a boat base) and a turret (Ranging from guns to sensors to building tools) which can be paired arbitrarily. Additionally, some buildings can have turrets, and can have any turret, including builder turrets. This should allow for some interesting strategies, such as a line of regenerating defenses that has a direct chain all the way back to the source of the resources, allowing them to pass along materials to the front lines.

Initially, the game will only support AI being written in Python, but I may add support for other languages.

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  1. pansapiens says:

    One suggestion – you can host Django web apps on Google App Engine, with free quotas big enough to run a low traffic site. Might be worth looking into.

  2. AtkinsSJ says:

    Sounds intriguing! And it might finally get me to learn some python.

  3. 5parrowhawk says:

    You know, communication could be a mechanic too. You could have a unit with a radio turret that can’t attack, but can send and receive messages remotely.

    – Units without a radio turret can send one radio message a turn to any radio unit within 6 squares.
    – Units without a radio turret can only receive radio messages from radio units within 6 squares.
    – Units with a radio turret can send 10 messages a turn.
    – Units with a radio turret can send messages to non-radio units within 6 squares.
    – Units with a radio turret can send messages to radio units anywhere on the map.

    Should create some interesting challenges for communication/coordination, and of course challenge the player to figure out how to disrupt his opponent’s communications.

  4. SpaceManiac says:

    This sounds quite cool! And as AtkinsSJ said, an excuse to learn python 😉

  5. snowyowl says:

    If you implement the AI for individual units and make them have to send messages to each other, like Sparrowhawk suggested… this could actually end up as more than a game. I think there is some interest from the military on building robots with “swarm intelligence” that don’t need a single control unit to coordinate them, saving valuable bandwidth.
    I’m VERY interested to see how this will turn out.

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