Day 16: Shooting

Posted by of Polygon Toys (twitter: @pekuja)
January 23rd, 2010 6:09 pm

mato-shooty2I’ve added shooting and aiming to Mato. I’ve also added gamepad controls, tailored for an Xbox 360 controller. The game currently has just one weapon, similar to the chaingun in Liero, but I’ll be adding more as I go on. The aiming is done with the second analog stick, while you can use the first analog stick to move left and right as well as control the direction of digging, so you can dig straight down, for example. The gun has analog control over the firing rate, with a maximum firing rate of 8 bullets a second. The clip is infinite right now, but that will change for the final version.

One thing I’ve noticed when writing Lua code is that it’s pretty easy to write horribly bad code. I don’t have to define classes, I’ll just use create an ad hoc table with the necessary fields. My code is a horrible mess right now, but I am going to refactor it eventually. It’s kinda nice to just make a mess of it all and write quick hacks.

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8 Responses to “Day 16: Shooting”

  1. dertom says:

    Dude, that looks amazing! Actually I can’t wait to see this live. Is there a difference between a XBOX360-Controller and a normal gamepad?

  2. pekuja says:

    No difference, it’s just that if you have a different controller, you’ll have to change the mapping because I’m making the default mapping for the 360 controller. I’ll probably add support for keyboard and mouse later. The problem is, because it’s a multiplayer game, you can’t have two people with a keyboard and mouse on a single computer, and modern keyboards aren’t good for multiplayer gaming, and basically that’s the reason I want to make my own version. My main target is two gamepads on a single computer, but I’ll probably want to add internet multiplayer later, and at that point keyboard and mouse controls would make sense again.

  3. dertom says:

    Hmm,…why not support two keyboards? afaik both,directx and opengl, support multiple keyboards, mice, etc.
    But that is a beer-driven suggestion, so forget it πŸ˜€ It’s enough for today, and I will go on tomorrow!

    Keep on rocking,ToM

  4. pekuja says:

    Who has two keyboards connected? Actually though, that’s how you play the original on modern keyboards. Plug in two USB keyboards. Doesn’t even need special support if you use separate keys for each player, like you normally would. I would like to have a more direct control for aiming though, which requires a mouse or an analog gamepad. So yeah, I could support multiple keyboards and mice, but that’s a very nichΓ© feature. I guess I could implement it if there was a lot of demand for it.
    By the way, it was probably the beer talking, but OpenGL most definitely doesn’t support any kind of keyboards. It’s a graphics library. And as for DirectX, I’d rather not be limited to Windows. I currently develop in Linux.

  5. dertom says:

    Have a look here:

    Actually I’m not sure what glut = GraphicsLibraryUtilities does behind the scene….

    So we got here two people who are acutally don’t know what they are speaking about…. πŸ˜€

  6. dertom says:

    And before you do it. GLUT = OpenGL Utility Toolkit

    …and of course you are right about the openGL-keyboard talking…now back to work! Keep on rocking! Are you going to finish in time? For me it doesn’T look like this…

  7. PoV says:

    Very cool Pek. πŸ˜€

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