Mini LD #15

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January 22nd, 2010 3:32 pm

It’s a time honored tradition of the gaming industry.

Take a look at these screenshots and see if you can tell what all of these games have in common.

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is after the cut.


Mini LD #15 – Clone

Picture this: You are a designer for a fledgeling video game company in the 80s or 90s. Your options are unlimited. You could create an innovative, amazing experience, with mechanics and graphical technology that has never been seen before.

Or.. you could make a knockoff of something that actually sells.

This is a competition about the latter technique. Your assignment is to remake your favorite game of all time in a kitchy, video-game-clone-style. You’re not allowed to steal graphics or sound.. just ideas. Remodel the game as you see fit. Alter things just enough to avoid an impending lawsuit. Use as many horrible cliches, video game stereotypes, and thinly-veiled stand-in characters as possible. Keep in mind, just because you’re making a clone doesn’t mean you have to stop having original ideas. Galaga was theoretically a Space Invaders clone.. but obviously, the designers didn’t stop there. To take a more modern example, Dead Space certainly had a lot of elements (thematically and game-mechanics-wise) in common with Bioshock…

The game you choose to clone doesn’t need to be well-known. In fact, it would probably be best if it wasn’t – my intention is for this MiniLD to produce some hilarious clones of more obscure games. Your game should be instantly recognized as a clone by people who have played the original. You don’t have to say what it is you’re cloning, and it might be better if you didn’t; part of the fun of this contest is in viewing the entries and saying ‘that looks awfully familiar..’.

Take all the time you need, use any code you want, develop for whatever platform you wish. Again, please don’t just rip graphics or sound from the game you’re cloning.

Good luck.

6 Responses to “Mini LD #15”

  1. ExciteMike says:

    “remake your favorite game of all time”?

    I apologize to the makers of Game Boy Donkey Kong for what I am about to do.

  2. Aurel300 says:

    I guess Lode Runner is my choice.
    My first LD – or just Mini LD, but it will be fun to see what can I do in 2 days.

  3. nitram_cero says:

    All are…ripoffs?

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