Ludum Dare Scandal 2010

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January 22nd, 2010 11:01 am

I get these in the mail every so often. Seeing how this one relates to the community, I thought I’d share. My apologies, it seems my scanner is dead, so I had to photograph instead.

A suspicious letter showed up in the mail today.

Wow, "THE" Domain registry of Canada... I didn't realize we had a domain registry

Wow, "THE" Domain registry of Canada... I didn't realize we had a domain registry

It seems very professional.

How considerate!  A return envelope!

How considerate! A return envelope!

I guess it’s time to renew our website…

Wow!  We can save $40 by renewing for 5 years!

Wow! We can save $40 by renewing for 5 years!

In case you didn’t know, we also own as a backup site, in case something crazy happens and we lose the dot com to domain thieves.

If lawsuits are threatened...

If lawsuits are threatened...

Isn’t that great?

Alternatively, you could use a registrar like Godaddy, then google for coupons. I usually spend less than $10 a year myself. Get hosting elsewhere though.

Have a nice day.

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  1. PsySal says:

    The company I work for got one of these. Absolute fraud, even if the exact letter-of-the-law is true (they do tell you that you’re transfering your domain to them) the intent is to defraud. I am sure they are raking it in (our office admin was about to fill it out and pay it) and it’s kind of sad that nothing is done about it.

    Incidentally, they are not a CIRA-licenced domain provider (I complained to CIRA), i.e., they can’t do .ca domains (how amazing for the domain registry of CANADA) eh? If they were a CIRA provider they could probably be revoked, perhaps even once upon a time they were.

    Dunno who’s running the .ORG/.COM/etc. providers (is it iCANN) but they are doing a shite job with these blokes. =) Excellent post and heads up to everybody.

  2. bluescrn says:

    Yeah, I get similar spam-scam mails for my domains every year… domains that are happily hosted with a fairly reliable ISP that I’ve used for many years now :(

    Annoyingly, they mostly go to my parents address, and if they open them the think ‘ooh… that looks important!’…

  3. mimshwright says:

    My mom signed up for this. I managed to catch her before she transferred the domain. I don’t really know what to do about it now to help her other than warn her against doing it again and maybe calling her credit card company. Did you guys have any ideas?

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