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January 15th, 2010 12:26 pm

The 2nd Global Game Jam happens at the end of January, one week after the upcoming MiniLD. I’m curious as to how many LDers will be participating, and where — I’ll be at the Scottish Game Jam in Glasgow. Anybody else feeling up for some slightly more social game dev?


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  1. dertom says:

    I will participate in cologne/germany.

  2. ippa says:

    who’s in sweden?

  3. ExciteMike says:

    I’ll be at the one in Florida, USA.

  4. PsySal says:

    I’m at Calgary, Canada.

  5. mocker says:

    I’m either going to Seattle or Portland one

  6. PoV says:

    Haha, nobody is near anyone else. ;D

  7. athanazio says:

    I will participate at Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

  8. greencow says:

    I’ll be there at university of california, santa cruz.

    Last year they had cameras up at the ggj locations, so you could see the people at other locales, maybe we could get all the LDers to hold up LD posters in front of their local camera at the same time (say, hour 24)

    • greencow says:

      Oh, actually since ggj runs on a schedule to the local time zone, hour 24 would be different around the world, so perhaps something like 8pm UMT on saturday would make a better time for LD global hello =]

    • Doches says:

      Oh, we’re doing this, greencow. We’ll figure out a time when most* of us will be awake, and I’ll pop in #ludumdare or #ggj or something and say “LDers, unite!” We’ll all hold up signs singing the praises of PoV and philhassey, and the rest of the Jam will shake their heads at how crazy we are. Oh, yes. Yes yes yes.

  9. Catmoo says:

    I’ll be at the London one :)

  10. pekuja says:

    I might participate in Tampere. I do have some previous arrangements though, so I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work that out. Either way, I’m missing out on something else. :-(

  11. Cosr says:

    I’ll be at the one in Waterloo, Ontario. The game dev club at my university will be hosting the location.

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