Ludum Dare 16 Results!

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January 3rd, 2010 6:59 pm

After an extended holiday, Ludum Dare 16 voting has finally ended.

Top 20

It was the top 10 last time, but we get so many entries now it should really be more. So hit this link for the easy answer, “who won LD16”?

Winners are decided by the Overall category. To see the complete list, hit the “Show All Entries” link at the bottom.

Categorical Top 5’s

Here at Ludum Dare, being the best game isn’t the only way to win. Games are rated in 7 additional categories, with a special “Coolness” category highlighting people that went above and beyond to be sure you got a vote.

*NOTE*: You can click on the titles of the categories for Top 20 style lists per category.

Ludum Dare 16 as Screen Shots

And since it looks cool, you can see screenshots for the full list of 121 entries here:

And that was 2009

What an incredible year for Ludum Dare. 123 entries in April, 144 in August, and 121 in December to close out our biggest year yet. That’s 388 entries, and that’s not even counting all the MiniLD’s!

I’m working on a little write up that’s hopefully ready soon, a retrospective or postmortem for Ludum Dare in 2009. Stay tuned for that.

Next Time

Our next major competition (Ludum Dare 17) will be in April. The exact date we’ll know as the month approaches. To keep informed of the latest news, you can sign up for our mailing list here:

You can also follow us on Twitter:

Or alternatively, you can watch user news’s RSS feed.

Can’t get enough? Then stop by next month for MiniLD #15 hosted by DestroySound. Stop by the channel DS, we’d love to hear from you. 😉

Catch Mike and Phil at GDC in March

Phil and I seem to be permanent members of the GDC crowd now, so keep an eye out for us at the show.

Also, check in before the show here at There’s talk of an LD meetup and other fun things. We’ll know more as the date approaches.

Phil will be giving a talk at the iPhone Games Summit on multiplayer and Galcon. Feel free to stop by and give him your support.

Either that, or park yourself in a not so comfy chair for the Indie Games Summit. If you happen to be in San Fran, you don’t want to miss this!


If you have any suggestions for the compo, we continue to collect them in the comments here:

Thanks everyone for coming out and making Ludum Dare in 2009 such an incredible success.

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

10 Responses to “Ludum Dare 16 Results!”

  1. Fiona says:

    Second. I am weeing myself with happiness. THANKS EVERYONE

  2. Diet Chugg says:

    Oh yeah. An overall 2.65/5 for my first ludum dare! That ROCKS! I’m celebrating out here.

  3. philhassey says:

    congrats to everyone who participated :) yay!!

  4. SonnyBone says:

    I want to thank everyone involved with Ludum Dare because I had a BLAST through this entire process. I hope to return in April with a VENGEANCE! Competition breeds excellence, and there’s a heckuva lot of great competition out there. Great work, everyone.

  5. crackerblocks says:

    This LD was my first and it was great fun. Congrats to everyone. And see you next April for more insanity.

  6. Codexus says:

    Cat Planet was really above the rest! A well deserved epic win!

    (And another (not even epic) fail for me v___v)

  7. PoV says:

    Yeah wow, the competition is fierce these days. I remember back during LD0, the highest rated game was this clever puzzle game with magnets. Today we’re getting such diversity as metroidvanias, roguelikes to pseudo board games. I haven’t entered in a while myself, but it’s always great to see what people can pull off in 48 hours.

  8. dock says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I placed third! Much like Fiona, happy wee emits swiftly!
    Thank-you to everyone that voted for my Penguin game. This was my 4th LD and I’m really looking forward to April!! :)

  9. Hempuli says:

    Next time, Dock… Next time…!

  10. retrogamer500 says:

    First LD and 15th place? I love you guys!

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