Finished voting on my 20 entries and some extras.

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December 28th, 2009 6:42 pm

Phew. Voting is a lot of work :). Downloading everything, unpack them into folders that include the author name (makes things easier afterwords),  fixing broken entries, maybe even installing extra stuff, playing the game, thinking up fair votes and commenting.

Playing the game

I feel you have to give the game a chance. Even if it looks really boring in the beginning. Sometimes it turns out to be really boring, but I feel more often it stuff can grow on you if you open your mind, try to ignore any irritating bits and concentrate on the mood the developer try to create. I found myself really trying to finish several games (and succeeding) and steering a little grey dot over a paintbrush map for at least 10 minutes (and enjoying it) :).


Voting is hard. You want to be fair (naturally). After I’ve played about 5+ entries I get a feel for what I consider a music 3.. or a humor 4. I can only decide on ratings by comparing the games.  Is this how everyone does it?


Getting positive feedback and comments is probably the most fun, and could be a big part of the motivation to make a game for LD.  Since I enjoy it so much I feel I should write something (sometimes more, sometimes less) to 99% of  the entries I try. I doesn’t need to be much work commenting, just say what’s on your mind and focus on what’s good in the game, or how something could be made even better. If you “force” yourself to comment on every game you get good at it after a while :)

3 Responses to “Finished voting on my 20 entries and some extras.”

  1. pythong says:

    I also noticed that you’ve been writing a lot of comments and stayed positive most of the times. Most? Even all? I don’t clearly remember :D, but what I remember are positive comments with your name. Good job!

  2. Diet Chugg says:

    As for voting that’s how I do it. Sometimes I have to go back and change my vote slightly to make it more fair.

  3. ippa says:

    @Diet Chugg: Right, I’ve noticed I’m doing that as well :)

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