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December 22nd, 2009 9:51 am

Some answers for Finding Her’s comments

C418 says …I like how the story gets explained through those little boxes

Thanks :)

I wanted to try how that worked on a game.

SonnyBone says …I just wish I knew what the heck happened at the end.

Check the “memory” icons on the bottom to figure it out :)

Wiering says …The first time I played I had no idea that you could press Space, since it only saidarrows move.

Yes, I should make every character have a “SPACE” when you move over them.

I thought that doing that just on the grandpa at the start would be enough.

matrin says …Hard to understand the story.

Even though the icons are not that descriptive (have to work on those), I think that the best way to understand it is through imagination.

philomory says …it might be interesting to add some platforming elements, to give the player a challenge as they uncover the story. Just a thought.

I think platforming, with gravity, would be annoying. Flying around hides the fact that the map is quite big 300×300 tiles (9600×9600 pixels!!)

But it could definetly profit from some sort of puzzle elements/mechanics :)

Cosr says …This was great. I like how the story is really left to the player to figure out, though I admit I’m a little lost on it. I guess I rushed through it to fast without thinking. I’ll definitely sit down with it again sometime and try to find all it has to offer. The protagonist manages to be quite expressive.


Jordan Magnuson says …Nice work. I really like the idea here, though it was a bit hard to figure out exactly what was going on story-wise (even though your little icons are great)… It would be nice to maybe have some indication if someone has new information to offer. I think spicing up the environment a bit wouldn’t hurt, though that’s not a criticism, as I’m well aware of the constraints that 48 hours create :). I liked the visuals, and your soundtrack was nice too. Oh, and so far I’ve played through to one ending. Definitely interested to see where this goes!

Thanks! I need to work on the information thing, I never actually did this indication-with-icons thing so it’s good to have so much feedback :)

About debris and stuff, it was planned but, as you say, didn’t quite make it in the 2-day limit.

Sos says …I am a nice person :) You have to pay attention to follow the story, but the story is great :)

Thanks man!

increpare says …I don’t think I really understood the story at all, if there was a story to be understood. As an experience, I think once I got over resenting you for the amount of backtracking that seemed to be required, I enjoyed it. There were several good moments of tension in it, for me.

There was a story to be understood, but it highly depends on imagination. There’s a premise (“Finding her”, lol), but the story is just whatever you make out of it. If you managed to feel tension then, at least subconciously, you felt the story.

The fun thing is that the story is actually not about the character as in most games, but about his society. It kind of mimics several aspects of the human being (later on, it get’s really harsh). If someone doesn’t feel anything at all after going through the game, he/she’s not living in the real world or not paying attention.

Yeah and sorry about the backtracking, I need to figure out a way to give hints. :)

Hempuli says …This was really interesting! The distances could be a bit shorter, because there isn’t anyway anything interesting in moving around in a mostly-empty world 😉

It could, but I like it the way it is. It ended up being like a methaphor: We only care about what surrounds us, even with the big world we live in.

Risko says …Great game (as expected 😉 ) — i like the most music, graphics and story (in this order). Have found just one ending, but i didn’t really notice it. Maybe some music, small animation, or some other remarkable thing would make it a bit stronger. But it was still highly valuable time, i think i will play it again, mainly for listening to the main theme music. And the small creatures are very cute (also easy to expect after your last LD game 😉 )

I agree there should be an ending animation (and a different one when you get the “happy” ending). I’m really glad you liked it. Even though I’m not a devoted musician and the notes are not in tempo, I felt great while recording that :)

2 things that could have been better: Maybe i didn’t understand the story well enought, but i had problem to find out whom to ask to get some clue to go further, doing this a bit cleaner would let me think that i’m the one playing, not just following the order you wanted me to follow.

Yes, as I answered to some questions before, I completly agree this has to be worked out.

Second thing is that you have maybe forgotten to include something like FlxG.followBounds…i didn’t like to see beyond the tiles on the borders of the map.

This was on purpose. You’re on a cave, but the cave is not the universe 😉

TenjouUtena says …Fun, atmospheric. I couldn’t bring myself to finish. I was slightly annoyed at finding out you had to repeatedly ask people about new tokens. Other then that, very fun.

The asking system isn’t it’s strength, I agree… but that’s sort of what the game’s about. I guess not everybody will like it.

Now I have a question for you!

How do you think controlling the player with a mouse would feel like?

Clicking somewhere would move the character in that direction and clicking on a character would start the conversation.

Thanks for your interest and best regards to you all.

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  1. Interesting idea to try mouse control… I did find the key-control a bit frustrating at times, navigating through tight spaces and such, so well-implemented mouse control could fix that.

  2. nitram_cero says:

    Thanks for answering!

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