Double-Experiment, Half-Failure

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December 15th, 2009 9:33 am

Well, I choose to took the challenge as a double-experiment: it was my first LD as well as my first Java game (or something like that, called Mars Rover). I wanted to learn more Java while making a quick game. I can say the experiment wasn’t a total failure, just a half-failure, ’cause I’ve learned more about the Java language. The other half (the main one, should I say), in contrast, was a horrible failure. I started the game Sunday 1:00 PM (GMT -2) and “finished” it by 7:00 PM. I was locked in my bedroom trying to avoid external noise but it was terribly hot (and just now, writing it, I remembered I have an air conditioner ¬¬). So I released the game with the minimum features needed to play it. I didn’t know the best way to work with good performance 2D graphics in Java, so I ended doing it like a normal desktop app with some 2D drawing in the background. The original idea was to have some nice icons for drag-drop instructions and nice sprites and tiles for the rover and scenery, as well as sfx and bgm. I think I had enough time to implement it after my submission, but I was really tired (I know, you guys worked almost the 48h we had and aren’t complaining… shame on me).

For the next LD:
– Learn how to make real games in Java (BEFORE the contest) OR
– Use Python with Pygame OR
– Use Ruby and learn Gosu OR
– Use JavaScript with some pre-made games lib
(I’m much more comfortable with those 3 languages)
– Think about the themes BEFORE voting ends
– Turn on the air conditioner

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  1. Maple says:

    I only found out about Ludum Dare 2hours in. Because of that i wasnt going to participate, but then i saw the theme, and i was like “ECKXZPLOUREATIOUNH?!?!?!?!?!” and i somehow managed to think up an idea within 5 minutes of seeing the theme.

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