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    Timelapse and Postmortem of Unfinished Game

    Posted by
    December 14th, 2009 8:37 am

    The timelapse video of me working can be found here.  It’s only 22 of the 48 hours, since I turned my computer off at night and deleted the frames which where black due to my screen turning off from inactivity.

    What went right:

    • I had a lot of fun.
    • I chose to not worry too much about graphics, theme, story, etc.
    • Ran into no major time wasting bugs.

    What went wrong:

    • Scope of the game would have been better for a PyWeek.
    • It would have been better to start with a library or codebase that handled much of the grunt work for me.  Instead of working on a game, I spent a lot of time writing code for gui, animation, tilemap, resource management, collision detection, etc.
    • I didn’t have anything a player could control until 3 hour from the deadline.

    I’m thinking of trying to bring this game to a completed state within the next few days.

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