Die Updaten

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December 14th, 2009 12:48 pm

For the sake of German keyboards, Y now works as Z also.  That’s the only change, shouldn’t affect judging in any way, except that now I won’t be berated by angry Germans.  If you are an angry German, and want to consider my ignorance in your rating, pretend Y doesn’t work, because that is in fact the state the game was at deadline, and that would be fair.

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  1. KungPhoo says:

    We’re not angry at all 😉
    Just remember next time, OK? It’s because there’s many games that do this wrong and I totally freak out when it’s a good one.

  2. C418 says:

    I love you Hamumu. Thank you FOR NOTICING OUR PROBLEMS.

  3. Draknek says:

    From IRC:
    [23:00] I am too mean, I want total DQ for any infraction and no changes after the bell

  4. Hamumu says:

    If you are saying I am a jerkweed for changing my game while advocating that, I say I play with the rules I’m given! I would like FUTURE LDs to be like that. I figure it’s always better for the rules to be clear and strict rather than “well, you can kinda tweak it a bit after, but only if it’s this much of a change”.

    It’s like the fences make good neighbors thing. When everybody knows the exact, clearly defined, limits, arguments are greatly reduced and nobody ends up feeling bad. If they break the rules, the admins are just like “sorry man, the rule is this! Hands are tied!” whereas in the current wishy-washy system, if anybody goes too far according to the admins, the cheater is like “what? That other guy did this and that and you didn’t yell at him!” (not to mention, the admins aren’t quite sure where too far is, since nobody defined it!). Humans are weak and fallible. Leave it all to the rule machine.

  5. Diet Chugg says:

    Technically the rules state that a game may fixed if there is a bug in it preventing players from beating the game. If a player cannot figure out the controls because they were told the wrong keys to play this could very well keep a player from finishing the game. I think you are ok Hammumu. (Note: I’m not an angry german. I’m a American who reads the rules of the contest.)

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