Level generation thingy somewhat done

Posted by (twitter: @jlauha)
December 13th, 2009 9:43 am

Well, at least I got level generator thing somewhat done. As I said, I have planned this stuff further and the implementation side is behind “schedule”… I’m starting to think that I’ll run out of time in any case if the goal is to get any interesting amount of gameplay mechanics done. I’ll still keep working as long as I’m having fun here, but I won’t submit an entry unless I get stuff working well enough.

Oh, and I spent too much time working on some stupid non-essential things (gameplay-wise), such as extracting tiles from an image and padding them and inserting into a different sized texture atlas, and then toying around with different drawing modes of sub-pixel accuracy (comparing normal and pre-mul blending and whatever), and then just throwing most of that experiment stuff away. Well, the atlas thing is still in place, but I could have totally done stuff without it as well, so it was still just extra effort for no real gain.


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