Saturday Night, I Guess That Makes It All Right

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December 12th, 2009 10:00 pm

(you say baby, have you got enough gas?)

satnight Well, today was a huge bust.  I worked a little in the morning as my previous entry detailed, then it was off to a very distant lunch (about a 1.5 hour drive).  All told that chewed up 6 hours, after which I was home with a big headache and very tired, so another 2 hours spent napping.  Which of course made me feel worse, so popped some tylenol, ate some cake, and gradually recovered not doing much for a couple more hours.

At long last, I did some work for about 2 hours maybe, and now the game is basically what it needs to be, minus most of the content!  You begin with no abilities, and you can pick up the jump ability as advertised and use it.  The screenshot shows the second power, Shoot.  That’s not actually implemented at all.  Also, the enemies are harmless (but the evil OUCH zone is quite lethal!).  There’s no money to collect and spend on these powers like I wanted, but I think I’ll skip that, so I can just spend tomorrow making the actual game content.  Should be fun and easy!

Flixel seems quite limited in what sort of game it will manage, but it makes that particular type of game real easy.  If you wanted to make anything but a side scroller, I think you’d have to fight it so much that you’d be better off just making your own code from scratch.

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