12 hours of work

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December 12th, 2009 6:18 pm

What this image shows is what I managed to do in 12 hours of work:

12 hours worth of work

Absolutely nothing.
It’s two squares that don’t collide and you can control one of them though all it does is fall too fast for you to do anything.
I need to setup the collision system and I’ll be able to start making the game logic.
For the past 8 hours most of my time programming was absolved by pretentious bugs, which upon fixing revealed even more bugs. But at least I’ve fixed them all!

This has put me behind the time and most probably I won’t finish my game. Still I will submit my source code, because at least the engine part will be finished! And it’s a good one.
Still I hope I can at least make two or three levels for my game just to have something to show when someone asks me “so how did that 2 day game competition went?”.

Being a programmer with the attention span of a cat next to a yarn ball isn’t helping though.

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