Robot Wants Kitty, Friday Night

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December 11th, 2009 8:08 pm

I don’t think there’s much going on with this theme. I expect a whole lot of games where you don’t do anything but move around.  Blah.  The best thing I could think of off-hand that would still be a fun thing was a Metroidvania game.  After all, those are all about exploring the place, and the beauty of it is that as you go, you get new abilities to increase the area you can explore.  I also thought a game where you travel through time and explore the same place at different times would be delightful, but I want to actually accomplish something instead of wallowing in confusion, so no time travel here.

So I have chosen to make Robot Wants Kitty, where a robot arrives at Space Station Exploratio because he heard there was a kitty there, and robot wants kitty.  He initially can do nothing but move left and right, and he needs to collect coins to spend at Vendotrons on purchasing movement upgrades like the handy jump ability.  To make life remotely interesting, I plan to have enemies you kill to earn these coins, but you’re probably going to want an offensive ability first.  So that’s the whole plan.

I am trying out Flixel for this (hence it’s in flash).  As of this writing, I have completed the Flixel “Hello World” tutorial, so I’m just flying along with greatness.

I will miss a large chunk of tomorrow, so I probably will fail miserably, but doing anything more than thinking on Friday night (in my timezone, the contest is Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm) is more than I’ve ever done before, so I have a headstart!

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  1. SpaceManiac says:

    This sounds awesome. Get to it! 😀

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