Ludum Dare 16 Theme

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December 11th, 2009 7:05 pm

The theme for Ludum Dare 16 is…


Our condolences to the theme “Twilight Fandom”.

13 Responses to “Ludum Dare 16 Theme”

  1. Redbone says:

    I’m totally unprepared.
    Well, time to get working!

  2. mortar says:

    ooh, lots of ideas spinning around for this… i’ll see if i get anything made 😛

  3. delleps says:

    Love the theme! This is my first ludum dare, hope I can finish!

  4. Blackduck says:

    Oh boy, I need inspiration. *goes to snack on stuff in an attempt to be inspired*

  5. it was a crazy journey, I started out rooting for exploration, then I had to see what this twilight fuss was all about.

    in the end I fell in love with twilight, only to have that love stomped on. you have broken my heart LD!

    …that said, exploration is an awesome theme, I’m going to have fun this weekend!

  6. Time for some fun! …and coffee, lots of coffee

  7. voltain says:

    Oh god dammit. Why does it have to be 2am here! Ah well. I’ll sleep for about 6 hours and should have some inspiration by then.

  8. SonnyBone says:

    Thank Jeebus it wasn’t Twilight.

    This should be fun.

  9. justSomeGuy says:

    Think I’ll do an interpretative version of the Twilight plot were sunlight actually kills vampires. Break peoples minds, no doubt.

    Or better yet, I could use lisa franks style rendering for the whole game. sparkling instead of anti-aliasing.
    glitter for textures.

    So many juicy possibilities.

  10. Rolf Soldaat says:

    Ah damn, I had a good idea for “unwanted powers”.
    “Exploration” is just kinda…

  11. tonic says:

    Phil’s game will still be about “Twilight Fandom”.

  12. Kyrotix says:

    Exploration is a bit too much to ask for a 2 day game. Being my first LD, I probably wont even get this one finnished :S
    Ah well. Theres always next time eh?

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