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November 15th, 2009 9:25 pm

Hello! Is anybody here? We’ve got something real good for you here!

It’s called Slapstick!


Play it in your browser here, or download a Windows executable here. Make sure you click in the game window after it loads up, otherwise it won’t receive any of your keystrokes.

Doches and I had a great time making this. This game is our take on Greek theater. You will be playing two games at the same time. The hero’s on top, the chorus is on the bottom. I made the hero, and Doches made the chorus. These are two separate games, guys. Two Ludum Dares in one pot.

WSAD = control the top game. Arrows = control the bottom game. Both games have a progression, and you win the whole conglomeration if you win either game. You cannot lose, but you will find yourself in trouble if you neglect either of the games.

This was a crazy experience for us. Lots of fun. Okay, it’s buggy and it’s rough! But that was part of the plan! These two games didn’t meet each other until a couple of short hours ago, and they are still getting to know each other!

I hope this variety of blindfolded parallel game development can be expanded into some larger events in the future, because it’s been a pleasure. We hope you will have as much fun trying to wrap your head around it as we did wrapping our arms around it.

Doches + Hamburger == Dochburger

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4 Responses to “Slapstick”

  1. dock says:

    Wow, this is pretty fascinating! I love the atmosphere and the way the music breaks up when you miss it. The double handed controls were pretty difficult for me at 9am on a monday without the aid of coffee, but the overall vibe had me enthralled. What a great way to collaborate too! :)

  2. increpare says:

    I can’t figure out how to play this…

  3. samel says:

    This rock! I like the double game at once, it make me going crazy 8p

  4. Tût-tûûût says:

    I’m becoming crazy too. Though I keep loosing, I love the concept and the design.

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