Mini LD #14, Go!

Posted by (twitter: @terrycavanagh)
November 12th, 2009 6:52 pm

Bah – it’s basically Friday, isn’t it?

Like the last TIGSource contest, this contest has a dual theme. You and you teammates can choose to use either theme, or both.

The themes are Comedy and Tragedy.

Unlike other Ludum Dares, this time you are required to collaborate! (If you haven’t found a partner yet, see the post below this one.) If your team decides to use both themes, each member should take creative responsibility of one theme each and ensure it finds a place in the game.

You can make the game at any stage this weekend that suits you. And don’t worry if you can’t start for a few days or if the project goes a little beyond the usual 48 hours – I have a very loose definition of weekends that includes Wednesdays.

Whenever you’re ready, you can submit your game here!

35 Responses to “Mini LD #14, Go!”

  1. Ooh, nice themes Terry. And I like your definition of “weekend” 馃槈

  2. test84 says:

    I’m stuck at a collision detection bug. Do you guys all use Game Maker and stuff? since implementing an enemy system takes me like 2 weeks.

  3. ExciteMike says:

    Thanks Zod you announced this early. It looks like it’ll take us 24 hours to decide on the kind of game to make before we even start working on it.

  4. Chaoseed says:

    Something familiar, something peculiar…

  5. T没t-t没没没t says:

    I love your vision of weekends too ! And your idea of requiring a partner has nice effects, like adding new people to the community. I was “hired” by Tenoch especially for this mini LD ^^

  6. ippa says:

    .. Hard theme 馃槢

  7. dertom says:

    …would it count as two if I’m a schizophrenic? One mind is doing the graphics and the other’s doing the programming! 馃榾 Ok,..just kidding!

    Anyone needs a java coder? I can even be “hired” as (low/middle-class) 3d modeller (which I could render to 2d)….

  8. Radix says:

    This non-restrictive theme was totally designed to make teammates fight.

    We can’t even agree to make a game about punching Terry.

  9. Broxter says:

    So will you be accepting entries ’til Wednesday?

  10. Is there any kind of “official” time to get the games in by? If not, it could lead to a compo that drags on indefinitely (“have other people submitted their game yet? No? Then I’m sure going to keep working on mine!”)

    • PoV says:

      Mini’s end when they make sense to end. Looking at the entry list so far, that’s not yet. :)

      Terry’s concept of weekends until Wednesday sound reasonable this time. 馃槈

  11. jminor says:

    Boy this is fun. I just wish my job knew about this whole Wednesday weekend thing :) Hopefully I’ll have something playable before I have to go back to work.

  12. cactus says:

    Game done, hell yeah!

  13. Broxter says:

    I haven’t spoken to the guy I’m collaborating with in nearly 2 days. >_<

  14. Terry says:

    We’ve only had three entries so far, so I’m in no hurry to call an end to this :) And I’m serious about the Wednesday thing; the games are far more important than any silly arbitrary deadline!

    Even if you haven’t started yet, you can still take part!

  15. ExciteMike says:

    Our game-making weekend turned into an awesome weekend of Mario 3 multiplayer and Super Smash Bros. It was good times but we didn’t accomplish much in terms of making a game :(

  16. I’ve got some time still, so if this thing’s really open to Wednesday, I’ll probably work on it until Wednesday :)

  17. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there anywhere to comment on individual entries?

    • PoV says:

      At the moment no. Traditionally what happens is people make at least a single post for their game, so you can post comments there. Also when voting (and you have the right to vote, i.e. you entered), you can leave comments. But if we’re not voting and they make no posts, there’s currently no way to comment on a game. It’s on the TODO list. 馃槈

  18. jminor says:

    Whew! I’m done. Here is my entry: Now to sleep…

  19. Tenoch says:

    Also, PoV, entering non ASCII characters in the submit form is FAIL. Some utf8 is lost on the way. It makes my name look ugly. Poor, poor non English speaking countries…

  20. Broxter says:

    Wooh. Finished my entry.

  21. Question: what are the rules or procedures for updating a submitted game? I mean, I’m not totally sure how this mini LD works: will there potentially be voting? Or no? If there isn’t voting, can/should we update our game by simply replacing the current linked download? If so, is there an appropriate place to note changes being made, bugs being fixed? Or should the linked download not be changed after a game is submitted? Should I get my own website for development journaling on a game I’ve submitted? Thanks for the clarifications.

  22. DrPetter says:

    Jordan: For development journal I think it’s common practice to just make blog posts here on the site. Check out other entries to see how they did it (like what tags to use, you might need to put in minild14). The search/link function seems broken though, trying to use the incorrect tag “minild-14”. I’ll talk to the adminators.

    Also… bunnies climbing ladders? I like how in some cases it’s still faster and more convenient to jump up :)

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