Mind Wall a finalist at IGF China

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October 2nd, 2009 12:38 am

igf_china_logoLudum Dare entrants are really on a roll this year.

The latest in the continuing legacy is Seth “mrfun” Robinson’s Mind Wall from Ludum Dare 14. Mind Wall is on it’s way to China for the inaugural Independent Games Festival China competition.

IGF China Info: http://www.gdcchina.com/events/igf.html
Finalists List: http://www.gdcchina.com/events/igffinalists.html


Download Mind Wall: http://www.codedojo.com/?p=104

Mind Wall was created for the 14th Ludum Dare’s theme Advancing Wall of Doom, and took place in April of this year. Seth has since improved on his Ludum Dare entry, and even ported the game iPhone!

One of our favorite Mind Wall moments has to be this youtube video recorded by a player. His girlfriend captured this tense and tender moment as he conquered the unforgiving beast that is the Mind Wall.

So hey, Ludum Dare. Not bad ‘eh? First it was Phil and I at the IGF Mobile in March, Lexaloffle at the TGS Sense of Wonder Night last week, and now mrfun at IGF China. Not to mention our record breaking 123 and 144 entries the past 2 compos. A fantastic year for us all.

Lets keep that going!

The Independent Games Festival and Independent Games Festival Mobile are now accepting entries for 2010. We’d love to see more of you keeping this little streak of ours going. Both competitions require an entry fee, and for you to provide your own travel if you make it. But if you ask any finalist, they’ll tell you that attending is totally worth it. :)

Independent Games Festival (Due November 1st, $100): http://www.igf.com/
Independent Games Festival Mobile (Due December 1st, $50): http://www.igfmobile.com/

I’ll be there at GDC next year (perhaps with Phil). Not that meeting me in person is all that monumental an event, but hey. If we get enough of an LD crew out there, we’ll totally have to do something.

Keep up the great work everyone! :)

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)


4 Responses to “Mind Wall a finalist at IGF China”

  1. Radix says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about IGF China until now.

  2. ChevyRay says:

    I would totally love to duke out Beacon’s graphics, give it some smoother animations and fix up a bunch of the level design issues and submit it to IGF San Francisco. I’m going to be in SA in March to meet up with friends at IGF anyways, but I have to find some way to get $100 for the submission. I’ve got a month still, and that’s a lot of time to polish up the game.

    I feel nervous about entering it, though, like it totally won’t match up to all the other awesome entries. Anybody think I should give it a shot anyways?

  3. Joona-M Heikkilä says:

    Well that was easy :) 20 min And i played it true…

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