Wikiventure Post-Mortem

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September 15th, 2009 4:12 pm

Wikiventure went far better than I was expecting. Mainly because I wasn’t expecting anything remotely interesting. I’m still working on it, in fact, adding new things – just today I added user-input via a text-box and tags which react to that input, and score and cash variables that can be checked and modified. I’m really enjoying it, and plan to add a basic battle system like in proper game books. 😛

What went well

  • The basic game, taking pages from the wiki and letting you travel between them, was very quick and easy to set-up. Then it was just a case of feature-creep for the rest of the weekend, which was perfect for me!
  • People took an interest and wrote some content for me! 😛

What went badly

  • Spent rather a long time at the start battling with C++ libraries before moving to PHP. Though that did help me come-up with an idea.
  • Also spent rather a long time at the end trying to fix an infinite loop, but managed to do so before the deadline, so no real bad points. 😀

What I would do differently

  • Plan-out code structure before writing it. I spent quite a while on the Sunday rewriting all the tag-parsers to remove a lot of repeated code. There’s still a lot now.
  • Put time into writing content! I only actually created two areas, as a test right at the start before I’d added any tags, and then I kind-of expected people to write my content for me. Which some people did, but it was horribly lazy of me.

Things I’d like to add

  • Cookies or some other way of keeping things persistent between sessions. Could tie it to user-accounts on my site.
  • Combat system, mentioned already.
  • More levels of persistence than ‘IFVISITED’ and ‘IFNVISITED’, so that the player wouldn’t necessarily have to follow the same set of actions multiple times.
  • Any other stuff I happen to think-up.
  • Content!1!1!!1!!!

So yeah, it went pretty well. I’ll keep working on it and maybe it’ll become something really interesting.

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4 Responses to “Wikiventure Post-Mortem”

  1. Almost says:

    nice to know that you’re still adding to it. I’ll check it out again some time from now to see what’s new. (Just noticed the cash, score, and input boxes now, pretty cool)

  2. HybridMind says:

    Loved this project! I definitely had fun building out some of the early areas before it got all “featurized”. Will definitely be excited to check it out with your new developments.

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