Linkrunner = Wikipedian Tag. Mostly.

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September 13th, 2009 2:22 pm

I knew I’d seen a game like this somewhere; HybridMind surreptitiously reminded me that it belongs to Jeremy Bushnell, whom I dearly hope doesn’t mind my stealing it shamelessly. Perhaps I should ask.

I should ask.

Anyway, soldiering on in the face of an almost certain copyright violation:

Progress! Even though things look the same.

Progress! Even though things look the same.

I’ve got both AI players working — they’re not the smartest in the world, but they’ll do. And the Chaser will give you a run for your money if he picks up the trail. Pretty pleased about that. Still have a few bugs relating to turn length and whatnot floating around, but I welcome criticism! And suggestions!

You can download a windows build here, if you want to give it a spin. Or click mindlessly for half an hour in something other than Firefox. Same thing, really.

After re-discovering HybridMind’s friend’s ruleset, I realized I’m doing a pretty mediocre job of enforcing those rules. I may go back and make this an explicit version of Wikipedian Tag, just to go with the tried-and-playtested rules they’ve hammered out. Not without getting very definite permission, though — that would feel overwhelmingly like theft, even moreso than now.

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One Response to “Linkrunner = Wikipedian Tag. Mostly.”

  1. HybridMind says:

    It’s all cool… :)

    When I talked to Jeremy this morning he seemed fairly positive about your endeavor as I had kept him in the loop regarding your initial comment on my blog entry regarding Wikipedian Tag’s CC license type a few weeks ago or so. I do believe Jeremy does plan on weighing in here when he has a chance.

    I am totally happy to see you computerizing it as this was something Jeremy and I had pondered as well and definitely thought that we would be interested to see implemented. You are saving us the work now! 😉 I know I plan to link over to your efforts when you have finished something you want to release. From my brief conversation earlier with Jeremy I think he would just like the attribution/link credit and you are likely good to go. I’m mainly speaking up ahead of his official comment because you seem a little stressed and I want you to be able to relax and enjoy your mini-LD! 😉

    I’m digging the screenshot and I’ll have to give the Windows build a try soon!

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