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September 12th, 2009 7:02 am

I wasn’t planning on entering miniLD 12. But the theme was just so interesting that my mind won’t let me not enter it, so here I go.

My original plan was C++, SDL and cURL. However, cURL refuses to work at all, so I’m stuck with PHP, the only other language I know reasonably well. This limits my choices significantly, but since I didn’t have any to start with, this isn’t really a problem.

So, my current plan is a choose-your-own adventure made of wiki pages. First name I could think of is ‘Wikiventure’, which is awful, sounds like a Wiki-based investment company, and is probably going to stay as the name because I can’t think of any others. 😛

It’s located here, and currently just outputs the wiki page, not that exciting.


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  1. SpaceManiac says:

    I’d seen this but didn’t realize it was yours… sweet. I’m going to add to it.

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